venerdì 9 ottobre 2009

THREE, TWO, ONE.......GO!!!!!

Here we are guys...
teachers, friends, students, parents, student teachers, Headmasters (did I forget anybody?)

Our SMILE project has finally started! Our 5 nations got together for the initial meeting in Nordhausen, Germany.

Any questions?

Well, the weather was normal (for German standards, of course!!), the food excellent (we didn't quite expect that, we have to confess...), the school amazing and the people great, friendly and incredibly helpful.

So, what did we do, apart from eating, drinking beer, socializing and watching football matches?
We worked really hard!

We had an involving training on cooperative learning (a new teaching technique where group work becomes a successful way of learning together) and we watched best practices lessons using this method.

And... I have to say... it works! Here back in Turin we tried the "puzzle" twice and, surprise surprise, students really studied together.
That's all for now from Crazyfrog, rainy Turin, Italy, Europe.